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Writing For “Reals”

So folks keep asking me when Im going to write a book: I think theyre telling me Im verbose. 🙂

Part of me thinks I should write something; but part of me thinks I havent lived enough life to have anything to share. I think about writing a personal journey, but with the abundance of blogs and autobiographies and memoirs and reflection-oriented books, I wonder if Id just add another drop to the flooding pond. I think about writing a more technical book, but really: what do I know? And like I could write something and not make it personal: HA!

What are things that are on your mind? What are questions you think a lot about? What would you like to hear about from another person?

Pastor Vacate

Ive been pondering the idea of writing a book . . . it might be an allegory, it might be a novel, it might be a short story or a poem or a rambling dialogue.

What would it look like if the pastors disappeared? Just gone . . . off the face of the earth.

would more step in to fill their shoes, doing things exactly the same?
if they did things the same, would it be because these things are right/authentic, or would they feel like theyre faking it? Keeping up appearances?
would something completely different emerge?
would people split between the norm and the new?
would people feel free to engage in something new, a sort of blank slate?

Would people step up, or would church just fade away . . . or at least, the church as we know it?