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Give Peace a Chance, or the Smurf Gets It

I’ve grown up in a pacifist tradition and welcome any opportunity to talk to folks about peaceful means of encountering the world. But blowing up Smurfs seems a bit extreme. Some might say extreme times call for extreme measures, but man: it’s a bit of a change from my childhood cartoon watching, wearing jammies with footies and eating Cheerios.


To Monk or Not To Monk . . .

What would “remonking the church” look like for you?

Initially, I struggled with this article – not that it was “wrong,” but that it’s not where I’m at: I just bought a house in the suburbs of a rather WASPy community. I don’t feel like I’m on the “cutting edge,” one of the “cool” kids, in the way the church is moving. I watch the cool kids, standing on the sidelines, throwing out my attempts to make contact, but my toys must not seem all that interesting.

But then I remembered that we’re not all called to be monks; we’re called to be where God wants us to be, to live lives attunded to His Spirit.

Currently, I’m not a PoMo monk: I’m called to be a wife and a mother of one, a writer, a reader, and a ponderer. It’s certainly not where I planned to be: Quaker nun was more my calling, I thought. And yet I’m here, trying to rest in faith, knowing this is where God has called me to be in this very place at this very moment.

So, are you “monking” it out? If not, where are you chillin with God?

If You Had $20,000

[Not quite as catchy as Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had A Million Dollars”, but it will have to do.]

If you had $20,000 to use for young adult evangelistic purposes, what would you do with it?

Songs That Make You Go “mmmmm”

Some friends and I are putting together small group materials that corrolate with the Sunday morning message as a tool to practice a more holistic church/worship/being in an intimate relationship with God life – you know, the good stuff.

We want to use music as one element of the centering down process, but personally, my mind’s drawing a blank. Well, not a complete blank: it’s playing the Mexican Hat Dance song from my son’s Leap Frog Learning Drum, but somehow that doesn’t draw me deeper into the Spirit. 😉

What songs help you center down? What songs or music aids you in hearing the Spirit?