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We’re Not Normal

At least my pastor doesnít think so. Todayís service was bringing our study of Colossians to a close, applying all the good stuff weíve been learning there – not in an effort solely to better ourselves, but to help – bless – assist others in coming into the Light of Christ. Gregg said that it could be hard for Quakers because we tend to be more introverted than the ìnormalî population. He quickly said, ìI mean ëgeneralí – I didnít want to use that word.î Most people didnít care, but I was busting up – Iím sure he saw me giggling up in the balcony. I laughed because it was funny, but also because I think the freedom of expression that heís been showing in his blogging seems to be coming out in service as well. 🙂

I certainly wasnít offended at the statement; I donít think weíre normal, and I donít want to be normal. Normalís boring – itís Wonder Bread – itís the McDonaldization of the world. I want to be unique, to let the imprints of my individual fingertips make their mark in the world and be appreciated just as I think the Creator appreciated them when he took time to create my DNA that would carve them out.

This is why Iím drawn to the emerging conversation: it seems to be a gathering of folks who take time to appreciate, validate, and equip each other in unique, out-of-the-box calls.

This is why Iím drawn to my Quaker gatherings: itís a group of folks who historically have done things differently and have questioned the norm, being intentional in their daily lives so that all actions reflect Kingdom living, no matter how minuscule or ìnon-normalî it may seem.

So weíre not normal; weíre not general; and Iím happy about that.