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Godbit – Definitely Tasty

Godbit means a small piece of something good in Norwegian, especially in refrence to food. ñ J¯rgen Arnor GÂrds¯ Lom


How cool is that?

The American church often seems to be on the tailend of cutting-edge trends, that is, if they ever catch on to the vibe of current culture at all – many seems to prefer living life as a museum curators of archaic trends and artifacts. But some folks bring their talents, abilities, and skills and believe they might actually be able to do ministry with them (shocking!). A site featuring such folks is The Godbit Project – ìChristian CSS Showcase + Web Development Resourceî.

Godbit came about from the frustrations of a friend of a friend, and as Graham Cooke has been teaching me, frustration is a tool which drives us to desperation which drives us to the Lord; most like itís placed by Him because He feels the same way and wants to make us so uncomfortable that we come to Him to do something about it (although I donít know what to think when Iím frustrated that my tape of Grahamís talk on frustration got taped over . . . ).

From Godbit’s Purpose + Vision:

This is so common in fact, that the term ìChristianî when associated with the Internet has become synonymous with ìsub-par.î Without pointing fingers specifically, some of these practices include overuse of JavaScript, malformed (X)HTML, all-Flash websites, and over-dependence on tables for layout.

We realize that if anything is going to change, we need to stop simply poking fun at these agencies, and start educating them, as well as making churches and pastors aware of how they are being short-changed by doing business with such individuals. Our vision then, is to highlight churches, freelance designers and web agencies that are on the cutting-edge of web methodologies, in order to give others something to aspire after. We want to be a city on a hill.

Ok, so I must be such a tech geek (or wife of a tech geek and absorbing his likes) because this makes me so excited! Being relevant to our culture – today – in the *now*; not finding the excuse of ìwell, Christian stuff shouldnít be quality or modernî valid; using God-placed talents in whatever form Godís given them to us; affirming practical skills rather than negating them by saying the only skills The Ministry needs are pastoral and teaching.

This – this is *good* stuff.

Hark, The Herald Angels (and Mariah Carey) Sing

Yesterday I scanned the radio for a station playing Christmas music and stopped when I heard Mariah Carey’s version of “All I Want For Christmas is You”. Then the station played its call letters – it was the local Christian station.


Then I heard a song about Santa.


And I wonder why the message of Christ has gotten a bit muddled . . .

Best get back to my online shopping – cause *that’s* what Christmas is all about . . . right?


Nothing New Under the Spam . . . I mean, Sun

This morning I spent a little time skimming a recent article from Newsweek (well, it was recent when a friend forwarded it to me; but according to Internet in which tastes and trends and viral messages keep up with my eleven-month oldís teeny tiny attention span, itís old school) regarding the state of spirituality in the U.S.

First, itís funny that a magazine thinks it can describe something like that: thank you for our Enlightenment belief that all can be observed, quantified, and classified.

Second, havenít I read this before? Pick a decade: for example, replace ìMadonnaî with ìShirley McLaineî and ìKaballahî with ìNew Ageî, and itís a story that couldíve come out in the 80’s.

The idealist in me gleefully bounds about at the title, hoping that America is truly aching to be more spiritual. The realist in me recognizes that we were created to be in a relationship with God, that we will be restless until we find our home with Him, and that this story is just like putting a new label on the Spam can – the outside may change, but you know the formula for Spam will always remain the same. The idealist wants to believe that things are changing, that the harvest is ripe, that things are different. The realist knows that publications have certain topics and themes they work in on an annual or bi-annual basis, but people donít want to read a repeat, so they make it sound ìnew, fresh, and re-formulated!î to sell mags.

Whatís your take on the current State of Spam . . . I mean, Spirituality?