Experience comes before theology

I’m surrounded by teachers. Thankfully. They understand my eternal quest to observe, consume, and share information.

And yet… we sometimes get stuck on theology. Study: observe: quantify: qualify: and move on.

I don’t know that I can. I think I’ve been stuck in a sort of Star Trek “time loop” for the past number of years, mostly based on my desire to fixate on theology rather than experience.

Can I create space to experience here? Would you with me? Would you be willing to join in? I promise to provide virtual cookies and beverages.

1 thought on “Experience comes before theology

  1. Johan

    I don’t know whether being in the emerging ‘burbs of Moscow qualifies me to create the kind of space you need, but I do know that Russians have an amazing capacity to live with paradox. That can wreak havoc with any pretense of objectivity in theology. I do like virtual cookies, though I try not to byte off more than I can chew.

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