Same as it ever was…

The other morning my friend (and neighbor)’s son came to my house to catch the bus.

I put on my slippers, grabbed the 5-point-harness booster, and walked my daughter up a few houses to catch her carpool to pre-K.

I thought about James, you know, the brother of Jesus. Did he shuttle kids to houses for pickup? He had a fairly important Big Brother – how did he deal with that dynamic? Did he ever want to tackle him, as my littles seem to enjoy between the hours of 7 and 8 am? What was school like? James, you’re the first biblical writer who made sense to me; does any of my American suburban life make sense to you?

Years ago, once in a lifetime, I thought I would be single. In Ireland. Schooling my friends’ kids. And yet, I’m shuffling in my slippers in suburban Oregon, shuttling littles up and down the neighborhood sidewalk, pondering what’s for dinner, contemplating the depths of the New Testament and flexible spending accounts.

It’s a new season, and yet a continuing season. Same as it ever was….

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