New Song

Worship Fully:  Today at Women’s Bible Fellowship a friend shared about the process of grieving her mother’s death.  She said eventually her tears and sadness were turned into praise, noticing that each morning instead of the gray, she woke with a praise song running through her mind.  It was a true example of God giving a New Song.  I notice that sometimes in my life, when something a child does that would’ve annoyed me to no end in the past I now find amusing, or a circumstance that would’ve made me angry I choose to let go of.  I’m thankful for that transformative God.

Spend Less:  I sent a link onto a friend full of homemade recipes to give away, mostly because I thought some of the recipes she’d like to make and keep for herself.  Funny thing:  she had the paper edition and actually filed it away already.  Glad my research skills are on target.  😉

Give More:  My son had his school Christmas party this morning, attended with Jason.  They went to a local Christmas-y store, sang songs, had goodies, and did a book exchange.  But the thing he was most excited about?  Giving Jason and me our Christmas surprise gifts that he’s been working on all month.  Each day he would come home, telling the adventures of the day, pointing out “And I worked on a surprise, and I CAN’T TELL YOU so DON’T ASK”.  Which, of course, became the game of me trying to wheedle it out of him, and him being all grins and dimples and shouting, “NO!  TEACHER LOEKIE SAID NOT TO TELL!!”  It was his day, but he was more excited about what he created to give to us.  That kid …

Love All:  During a sharing time at WBF a friend (who I actually grew up with as a kid in Idaho:  crazy life) reflected on her experience with Yvonne.  She said that she never really personally connected with her, and yet being in our community and walking alongside her in that group has forever changed and affected her.  Apparently one of Yvonne’s fears was that she hadn’t done enough to affect those around her with the love of Christ:  we all begged to differ.

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