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Worship Fully:  I’m an avid podcast listener.  Multitasker to the end, I love learning and hearing from others while doing the mundane of folding laundry, sweeping, chasing those every present crumbs.  And, when I’m feeling pushed to the brink, it’s really nice to hear adults talking to me rather than the demands of the Little People (darling as they are).  A few podcasts I listen to are keepers, but I find that many of them I listen to for a season:  they resonate for a while, and then my mind starts tuning them out along with the constant question of  “Can we eat our Advent calendar chocolate *now*?”  Other podcasts I try on for a bit, and they don’t connect, so I let them go.  One such podcast was from The Village Church in Texas.  Having heard great things about their pastor Matt Chandler (and having had a friend who I adored of the same name), I listened for a bit.  But one can only listen to so many sermon series from churches one doesn’t attend before it’s just gluttony, so I let that podcast go.  Then I read the story of what’s happening at that faith gathering, and I listened to Matt’s last sermon, and it just hit home.  Talk about worshiping fully.  It’s a challenging listen, and I’m finding my heart laboring with those from The Village Church, looking forward to where the Spirit will lead them in this.

Spend Less:  So I went against the grain and ordered a few things for Christmas.  Yeah, the orders didn’t go through.  I had a choice:  meltdown?  Or welcome it as a blessing?  I went with a little of both.  🙂

Give More:  of combining help and food and volunteering and donating and just giving more.  Food bloggers rock in this area.

Love All:  Today at the doctor’s office I did not have a hard time loving some little kids playing with Josephine:  she smiled, they giggled, it was great.  I did have a hard time loving the doctor who told me that he can’t do anything to make me feel better.  Love is a choice, not a feeling.  Love is a choice, not a feeling.  Love is a choice, not a feeling … 🙂

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