Today we celebrated an amazing woman’s life and legacy.

She Worshiped Fully:  from laughing and loving and writing notes asking forgiveness in advance as a child (so funny!) to caring for and praying for and giving to those in need.

She Spent Less:  jokes of her ability to get grocery stores to pay her for taking their products (maximum couponing!), stories of her sharing with others because she didn’t want or need to take, a note from her to her mother saying moms should receive gifts on their children’s birthdays because the moms really did all the work (and now could she get her driver’s license? :)).

She Gave More:  time to her family, prayers to those who did and did not want them, attention to drawing her family and others together for game nights and traveling adventures, voice and beauty and “grace” as she performed with her family on stage, her home to those who needed food and shelter, an ear to those who needed a safe place to confide.

She Loved All.

You legacy in Christ is strong and sweet, Yvonne; may it remind us to draw closer to Christ each and every moment.

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