Just a Day

Worship Fully:  While reading a lift-the-flap nativity book, Judah asked online canadian pharmacy me questions like, “Why was there no room?”  “Where were they going?”  And as I was summarizing the story for him, I wondered, “Was Mary miffed at Joseph that there was no room?”  Let me tell you, when I was in labor, if Jason didn’t know where we were going and could guarantee that I’d have a clean bed and help with the experience, there would be some STRONG words said.  “Really?  We have to do this census thing NOW?  You couldn’t have arranged for a room?  REALLY?”  Ah, Mary, I’m sure you were more gracious than I am: perhaps something to think about in my daily interactions.

Spend Less:  Today I heard a friend announce that he no longer ate meat:  “Correction:  I don’t eat *commercial* meat.”  His family had us over for a wonderful dinner, part of which was a “happy chicken” (free range/organic), although I don’t know how happy any chicken is in a crockpot.  🙂   His family had gone in with a group of people to purchase a large quantity of fryers, bringing down the price.  Happy meat sure is monetarily expensive and can take a while to find and process (spendy timewise), but I wonder if we end up spending less in the long run:  on doctors for health reasons, on food by making meat more of an accent than the main ingredient, on the world’s resources from packaging to shipping to the horrible conditions the animals exist in.
Give More:  Today I gave more personal space to my kids.  From eating breakfast with not one, but two people on my lap; from nursing one and reading to two others at the same time; from letting the eldest have input into what should be served in my cafe on Facebook:  I want to remember that this time shall pass, and soon I’ll be begging to give them a hug instead of the other way around.
Love All:  Another rough day – just feeling a bit beaten down.  But hearing the giggles of my boys with their friends, racing around with light sabers and foam swords galore, I realize my heart is filled with love from and for our community, and even when I’m tired and just want to crawl into bed, it’s much better to be with friends and family (and yummy food).  🙂

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