Tradition as Alternative

Worship Fully – Last night over knitting needles and peanut butter cookies, some friends and I had a discussion about the alternative gathering our faith community is having on Sunday night.  One of my friends couldn’t figure out why she was on the planning group and how the service was alternative.  Finally the realization came, “You mean Tradition is alternative to Quakers?”  Yes, my Presbyterian friend.  🙂

Spend Less – It’s hard to read blogs online about all the amazing, crafty, wonderfully planned out things mothers are doing with their kids during this holiday season.  I feel like all my time is spent reacting:  to calls of hunger, needs of diaper changes, books desired to be read, cleaning up the messes as a result of not being able to split into three separate people.  But I have a goal of spending less time beating myself up:  baby steps to four o’clock.  There may not be pictures of crafty things from our abode, but at least the kids will still have a mom, and that should count for something, eh?

Give More – Again, see the amazing things others are doing; frustrated I’m not doing the same.  But is this the season of focusing on others, or focusing on Christ?  When I know who I am in Christ, I will be doing what I should.

Love All – My son came and gave me a big hug today.  True, it’s because he wanted candy from his Advent calendar, but it’s still nice to hear the “I love you, Mama.”  And today I found out that some friends might get to hear those same words:  they’ve been in the process of adoption, and through *crazy* circumstances are meeting the mother of their potential daughter.  It’s a story to share another day once things start to pan out, but needless to say, a whole lot of love has been/is being poured in their directions.  Yay!

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