Day Late

When it’s 11:15pm and you haven’t posted and the page won’t come up, you can wait to write until morning.

Worship Fully – Listening to the latest Rob Bell talk always puts me in a pondering, in a good way, kind of mood.  Discussing the functionality (or not) of structures within my denomination puts in in a pondering, but not such a good way, kind of mood.  Pointing out that a number of former members of the area headquarters now live in fairly remotes areas makes me laugh, in a nervous kind of way.

Spend Less – I’m wondering about spending less time focusing on the muck that I can’t change and focusing on the things that are life giving or I’m being called to.  But sometimes that muck is as hard to let go of or scrub off as the slug I found on my carrot in the fridge:  bleck.

Give More -I made my last CSA pickup run of the year.  Our farmers are past due with their first child, so next week’s pickup is most likely a celebration of one bundle of a human life rather than a bundle of yummy, organic veggies.  Which is great;  they’ve been packing our past deliveries with an overabundance in anticipation.  They give more, knowing there is a time when they may not be able to give.  I want to live in that sort of abundant spirit.

Love All – My ministry of cookie baking continues.  I may not be able to distill grief or feed the world or change economic times, but I can provide a small treat that says, “I love you, and we’ll get through this time” via molasses or peanut butter or chocolate chip.

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