Adjusting the Focus

Worship Fully – pondered on Luke 15:  what kind of lady looks for a coin that hard when she has other coins?  What coins have I deemed as lost and non-findable?

Spend Less – I plan on spending less time focusing on the things I do wrong or don’t want in my life.  A parenting book I read (can’t remember amongst the slew) talked about focusing on the behavior or action or element you’d like to see rather than always pointing out what you don’t want to see, because chances are you’ll keep seeing more of that.

Give More – I gave more time to letting the kids decorate the house (although there was definitely room for more gracious comments on my behalf, rather than “Stop using Baby Jesus to beat up your brother!”)

Love All – Today I wanted to love my friend by watching her little boy (and likewise love my children by letting them have a playmate come visit), but the playmate got sick.  So I sent my friend cookies because apparently baking is my love language.

Tonight I planned a wonderful family night at the Art Walk event in Newberg:  gathering at the local bookstore to hear the NFC Brass play holiday music and enjoy the company of the listeners.

My boys planned on finding a friend at the event, getting the toys, shooting everyone in sight, and running amuck.  Really:  A Muck.

When my focus is on their behavior and my enjoyment is dependent on it, I lose every time:  oh so crabby.  But when my focus is on realizing that my eldest didn’t run quite as much amuck as he has in the past, and that I got to talk with a few adults, and that this too shall pass, and that I will have GREAT compassion for young parents with crazy amuck running boys in the future, I am able to deem this an okay evening.

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