Now Say It Backwards

“What did you say?”  “Supercalifragilisticexpialidous.  It’s something to say when you don’t know what to say.”


Last Sunday I worshiped with the faith community at Jacob’s Well.  Visiting other faith communities is an interesting experience:  will I stand out?  Will I feel comfortable?  Will I stand aside and analyze, or will I enter in?  Will I know how to enter in?

Jacob’s Well is known as an emerging church.  For me, it felt like worship at camp, which is where I’ve had some of the most powerful experiences of corporate worship.  I was able to enter in, minus the distraction of a squirming child behind me who did *not* want to go to Sunday School (totally understandable:  he’d done a bit of “new” over the past days).  And I found myself wanting to know more of the community stories.  The worship team is in a time of transition, and so they sang more songs than usual, songs that were written by the worship team.  Songs that seemed to be more meaningful or owned as they came out of community experiences.


I enjoy looking at the Calendar of Events for different faith communities:  how do they spend their time outside of corporate worship.  I would so be at this event:

Napkin Making Tea Party

Hey ladies, join us for tea time and help us sew cloth napkins for the church. Please join us in the 3rd floor Commons on Saturday, May 16 from 10am – noon.

For those new to sewing, we’ll begin with a sewing demo and you’ll immediately get to put your new
skills into practice. If you have a sewing machine, please bring it! We’ll provide materials, some sewing machines, and tea time treats. It will be a stitch!

Something that benefits the church (reusable products).  Something that benefits the women:  being taught or teaching a valuable skill.  Something that connects one to another:  enjoying, working, creating.


I read a book last week about Appreciative Inquiry.  A quote really stood out to me, something along the lines of  “it makes as much sense logically to be positive about a situation as to be negative.”  My melancholy mind said, “Unh unh.  How can I get better if I’m positive?”  But by spending time focusing on the negative, doesn’t that just draw me more into it?  Speaking to the hope, that seems to be more the heart of Christ.  It’s not to ignore or discount the negative.  As someone in the book said, “We’re a ‘glass is half full’ kind of community, and we focus on making it more full.”


Traveling with a two year old on an airplane is just not fun.  But eventually the airplane has to land, and we get to get off.  And preschoolers *can* reach a limit of eating chicken nuggets.  These things speak hope into my day.  🙂

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