Valleys & Mountains

I’ve been visiting my folks up in Rose Valley for the past week.  It’s my annual “I’m tired of parenting, can the boys and I come stay for a while?” trip, which they always kindly say “Yes.”

Yesterday, in the midst of preparing to go to Big 5 to get New Balance 800 shoes for 40.00 (something my father scouts the ads for on a weekly basis:  gotta stock up on those high numbered New Balances!  No offense to my Nike-employed friends), my dad passed me the Longview Daily News which had an article about Mountain Ministries.  People ask what my dad does up in Rose Valley, and connecting with these folks is a big part of it.  It’s one of the times I see him get so excited that he can’t stop smiling.

Here’s the article, which sums up the ministry much better than I can.  I found the online comments interesting, how passionate people are in their experiences of recovery (whether or not MM “works”).  And here’s another outreach of theirs.  This is what happens when churches/denominations/ministries/people come together – change and transformation.

May we all count our blessings and give back out of our abundance.

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