Reflecting on the Fast: We Fasted?

This past week I’ve had the opportunity to stay home:  with a sick little boy, with a growing and tired little toddler, with an in-the-midst-of-intense-work hubby, with a weary and contemplative me.  It was nice to rest.  Normally the lack of schedule and activities freaks me out:  I like the structure, the business, to keep that rhythm of life clicking, or perhaps to keep the nagging thoughts at bay.

This week, as I’ve been able to sit a bit (or at least not run around in public, seeing as how I don’t breed sitters), I was thinking about how doing a few things and doing them well is enjoyable and thought about how I/we should do that more often.  For some reason I got a sense that I’ve thought about that before . . . that I might have engaged in such a practice . . . . oh, that’s right, a few months ago we did!  The Fast!  How quickly I forget . . . and how quickly I resume to “normal life”, picking up business and unintentionality all over again.

Jason and I have been been trying to schedule various activities/gatherings/etc.  with other folks in a couple of different cases, but nothing’s really happening:  we can’t find a time when we are all free:  we’re too busy.

We got rid of our cable this summer and bought an antenna.  It’s been one of the most clarifying for me.  We lack a lot of channels we used to have, but I’m finding now that I really didn’t watch them:  I used them as white noise, distractions.  Now that I have fewer channels, I actually watch the show that’s on, I savor it, or I turn the tv off.  I don’t channel surf like I used to, trying to maximize my Viewing Experience:  I don’t have a nagging sense that I’m missing Something Better.  I simply watch, or I turn off.

This week, being somewhat quarantined with my small tykes and my weary husband, I’ve simply been with them:  baked, played Legos, read books, sang songs, danced, snuggled.  We couldn’t run around a do a lot, we couldn’t make it to meetings, we missed Sunday school and play dates:  all good stuff, but do I need to be doing it all?  Am I really enjoying it, participating fully?  Or am I using it as white noise?

It’s a little surreal to think that this summer I fasted in my community.  I wonder if others experienced the same short-term memory loss, and I wonder what we could/should do to be reminded.  Or if the opportunity arose, would I prefer to change the channel?

One thought on “Reflecting on the Fast: We Fasted?

  1. Abbie

    Wow did this click with me. Tomorrow we have an appointment to get rid of our cable too. One, for monetary reasons, but two, because we just plain don’t NEED it. I have to say I’m really looking forward to seeing what we manage to do with our time instead of as you so perfectly put it, thinking about what show we might be missing on another channel.
    It’s so weird, because the last few days for some reason I have really been thinking about the fast we had over the summer and how I feel like nothing HUGE came from it. That could totally be a personal issue though…hmm…I’m looking forward to working on this Miss AJ….

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