Ancient, or at least old, Ruins

Last night I sat on the floor downstairs, listening to my husband click away at Twitter feeds, enjoying the lack of bustling children, watching the president elect make his first speech.  With my sugar-free apple cider in one hand and my Beth Moore study in the other, I dove into my lesson; at the conclusion, I wondered if all of these elements influenced my thoughts, or if they were divinely brought together.

The lesson was on ‘Touring the Ancient Ruins’:  “They will rebuild ancient ruins and restore the places long devestated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devestated for generations” – Isaiah 61:4.

— “Unlocking any society’s heritage is important in understanding the development of its people” – looking back with the right attitude equips us to move forward

— “Unless we purposely seek strongholds, they can remain almost unrecognizable” – we think they are part of who we are, not what binds us

Having come from a family whose decendents were racist, I am anxious about the outcome of yesterday’s election.  My biggoted family members were more passive in their racism, which is almost worse:  the snide remarks, the looks, the attitude of superiority.  This study talked about how such attitudes/sin/bondage can be passed down from generation to generations – unknowingly.  How much has that happened in our nation?  And what will be the outcome if we don’t look for the ruins in our lives that have been in our family lines for generations?

Last night Jason was surprised that I wanted to watch some (not all) of the media coverage:  “you just haven’t seemed interested.”  I’m interested, but I’m anxious.  Lately I don’t even watch thriller movies:  I prefer to sleep until the end is resolved.  Same with the election.  I’m interested; I’m vested; I’m a woman, a wife, a parent, an American – I can’t not be.  But, being a melancholy, I also anticipate all the outcomes (mostly negative), and it hurts my belly because I take in on to myself to fix.

I avoided this election for different reasons, for reasons that turned into passive racist reasons.  Many times when I look at President Elect Barack Obama, I am reminded of what I see as generational failings and sin.  I anticipate what my grandparents and other long-gone relatives would be thinking/stewing/brooding on.  And I’m embarrassed that that is part of my family line.

This chapter pointed out that Christ had a blend of positive and negative in His past, and that we don’t have to disinherit or dishonor our physical lineage to claim our spiritual lineage.  I want to see our president without casting blame on generations of folks who have oppressed or even simply withheld doing the right thing; I want to believe that God will use our president to cast light on the sin and bondage that so holds us, as individuals and as a country; I want to believe that this will be a time of healing and redemption . . . but then my tummy gets rumbly . . . “I stand against all fear and intimidation of the enemy.  He knows that issues left in shrouds of secrecy never get exposed to the healing light of God.”

My study ended with:  “Thank God that, although you cannot change the past, He can help you change what you’re doing with it!  And the changes He makes in you in the present can certainly change the future!  Hallelujah!  Our God reigns!”

**Clarification:  When addressing such stuff publically (and maybe it shouldn’t be that way) misunderstainds can easily be had.  Please know that the family members I speak of are long-since deceased and do not think I speak of my living relatives.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Ancient, or at least old, Ruins

  1. Jason

    I love you, and your melancholy-ness. Thank you for this post. May God use this time to shine light into areas of us all that need healing and redemption.

  2. Ashlee

    Good thoughts, Aj. I appreciate the insight into our past. My “past” just recently moved here and it’s best if we just not talk about who is the President Elect right now.

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