Now that would be a wacky family reunion

Okay, I know a rule of blogging is that you’re not supposed to explain your process of blogging.  At least, I suspect good bloggers don’t explain their process.  But good bloggers might have the ability to process information and noticings and ideas in a logical manner due to 1) regular sleep, b) regular adult interaction, and iii) a lack of projectile fluids in their living situation.  So, in an effort to be a more present blogger, you get the ramblings.  And the explanations.  And once I start to figure this whole thing out, they’ll go away.  Maybe.

While eldering at Surfside I was given the honor to speak at the Wednesday night worship gathering.  The theme of the evening was expectancy.  So the worship team and I sat down on Tuesday to kind of hash out what that would mean.  The story that coming to mind was that of Joseph:  he lived in expectancy that God was faithful and would honor his word to Joseph (that Joseph would have some sort of power).  Then I unpacked some of the differences between expectancy and expectations:  expectations take a certain form, end at a particular point or goal where expectancy seems to be a state of awareness or readiness.  If Joseph placed all his hope on expecting God to honor His word in a certain manifestion, his hope would’ve been crushed by his life experiences; but since he lived in expectancy, Joseph was able to learn from his life experiences which shaped him into being the person to receive the power and authority given to him.

I feel that God has given this story to our youth for many reasons, that they will be a Joseph generation (a post or posts explaining that later).  The story has been hauting me, so each morning I’ve sat with it, reading in different versions.  But then I wondered what context Joseph was coming from, what his family heritage was.  Yes, I’ve read the Bible, but not with the eyes of it being a family scrapbook.  So I started at the beginning reading about creation and working onward.  Some of this stuff is pretty wacky!  Assumptions I’ve made or misteachings due to simplicity that I’ve gathered from Sunday School.  What’s cracking me up right now is the part right after Noah but before Abraham where guys are living until 500 years old, but having kids at 30, so great-great-great-great-great-great grandfathers and sons could know each other.

Coming from a family where I have been able to list living close family relatives on two hands, that blows my mind.  And think about how fun that would be to try and put on a family reunion nametag.  Or how many folks the little ones could run to to ask permission?  “But great-great-great-auntie said I could!”  “Okay . . . . wait:  you don’t even *have* a great-great-great-auntie!”  “Oh.  Well, whoever that lady over there is said I could.”  And one would think that the early Genesis stories would be pretty accurate since there would be an abundance of folks to say, “You’re not telling it right!”  Or maybe that’s why some stories seem to be missing from the Bible, you know, those family stories that aren’t shared verbally but mostly with a look.  “Like that time that, you know.”  “Mm hmm.  Mm hmm.”

Mm hmm.

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  1. Marlene

    Hey AJ. I don’t know if you remember me from Xanga or not. I am Mrs Tiggy Winkle there. I was wondering if you had any advice on finding a nice place for me to move to blog on. Life has been very difficult for me the past few years, and yet I don’t feel that I can blog honestly on Xanga anymore, cuz so many people know me from Michigan. I want a place that I can express myself and my life and not have to worry about what I say. I long to have a place to go to journal again and let my emotions out. I would love to have somewhere where I can interact also with some neat people, such as yourself. Any advice? I still miss you from Xanga and come and read your blogs from time to time. People say, but that isn’t the type of place I really want to be. I want a wholesome and sincere place. My email is up above this little box they gave me to give you my message, and I hope that you can see it and let me know if you have any ideas.
    Warmly and hopefully, Marlene aka mrs tiggy winkle

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