Longings for Kate

So you know when you’re an overly-emotional, fairly-moody teenager who comes home after school, throwing a bag in the floor, grumbling about how there’s no food in the house only to hear your mother tell a story about one of her co-workers (a gal not that much older than you) who is *so funny* and *just a delight* and *did I tell you about when she [enter witty story you’ve already heard]*, and you begin to get this nagging suspicion . . .

  • That your mom might like her more than you?
  • That she might be a better daughter than you?
  • That you’d better make sure you have records that your parents are indeed your parents and they can’t just slough you off to a state institution like that?

“No, officer, she’s not their daughter:  I AM!  See, look how I can bend my fingers back into an unnatural position, just like my dad can.  Come on, Dad, bend them!”

But then, against your will, as you come to know this gal, you realize:  you like her.  And if she were adopted into your family, that would be okay.  As long as she didn’t take the title of “Sarah Burnhart” away from you:  there’s only room for one overly emotional female in this family.

So anyway, my friend has sent out a request.  She and her beautiful family have begun the process of adopting a precious child named Kate.  Kate lives in Haiti where my friend’s family worked for some time.  My friend is not one to share prayer requests all that often, and it is so evident that she and her family are longing to bring this darling little girl into their arms.

And if the role of overly-emotional female has not already been taken in their family, I’m willing to offer lessons for Kate upon her arrival.  😀

So we got some bad news today.  The person in charge of the department of Haitian Social Welfare has decided to enforce an unknown Haitian law that states that families that have ANY children (biological or adopted) will not be allowed to adopt a Haitian child without special dispensation/permission from the president of Haiti, Rene Preval.

Our file/Kate’s file has been in this man’s office for over 5 months andwill not move forward until/unless we are given special permission by President Preval to adopt her.  There are thousands of other families in the same position we are.  We are being asked to write a letter to the president explaining our reasons for wanting to adopt, our financial capability to adopt, and anything else special about us that would convince him to let us adopt.  Then we are to supply all of our financial documentation again (tax forms, employer letter, etc.), have all of it translated, notarized, state certified, Haitian consulate certified and mailed to the president of Haiti, who I’m sure has all the time in the world to read these letters.

Writing the letteris intimidating, but I can do that.  It’s the other steps–translation,notarization, state certification, consulate certification, etc. that take so much time, more money and slow things down.  Then, remembering that getting the file through this one office IBESR (Social Welfare) is only the first step in the Haitian adoption process is making me feel pretty discouraged.

So would you please pray for us?  We got videos of Kate the other day and it was so wonderful to see her in person, yet so hard to watch her at such a vulnerable age and know she’s waiting in an orphanage for us to hold her and be her family. And if you know me at all, you know I’m ready to hop on a plane.

But God has plans for us and for her.  I trust Him to work in us and through us in this process.  And I ask for your prayer that this letter would be expedited through all of the certifications quickly and then be well received in Haiti.

Blessings on you,

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