Celebrate! With Babies!

I’m slowly decompressing from the Holiday Parties Programs Shopping Swirling Whirlwind Visiting Relatives Traveling With Tykes Being Awake For 21 Hours On Two Separate Days Extravaganza 2007:  it’s taking a bit.

One highlight of this season came on the Sunday before Christmas.  A few months earlier I had asked the pastoral staff if they would be willing to do a baby dedication that Sunday:  the in-laws and the ‘rents could all be in town, so shouldn’t the church schedule revolve around *my* needs?  😀  They graciously said ‘yes’.

And I’m so glad that they did!  On a beautiful (at least to me) Sunday morning we stood in front of our faith community and pledged to bring Abel Anders up in the way of a Christ follower.  Our community affirmed our desire and gathered around to pray prayers of blessing and affirmation.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

And one of the best things — it’s now online.  So you can listen!  Cause you know you want to.  And yes, that is Abel babbling through most of it:  he never would’ve made it through the Quaker Quietest Period.  😀

4 thoughts on “Celebrate! With Babies!

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  2. Abbie

    Why didn’t you tell me you big stinker! We were there for the first service during Emmas dedication and would have loved to stay to pinch Abel once or twice during the quiet times! 😉
    You can include me in that group that promises to help raise him to be a godly, handsome little man! What a special time!

  3. Elise

    I came across your piece in the NW Connection on Sunday and wanted see if you’d like to meet up sometime with the kids? – Your old jumbo jet buddy

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