Pretty Words: Will They Lead to Lovelier Actions?

A while back C. Wess asked me a question about why in the world I listen to Mark Driscoll’s podcast.  Honestly, I don’t know, but something inside resonates with what he says, although I often bristle at the presentation.  Perhaps I sense the truth behind his words, looking beyond the stuff I don’t agree with which often seems to be spoken out of a place of brokenness.

Yeah, that’s a totally girly answer.

I haven’t listened to last week’s teaching, but reading Bob Hyatt’s post has me actually looking forward to my 2:30am wake up call so I can pop in my “ears” and take a listen.

However, words are one thing; attitude and actions are another.  I am eager to see how this “confession & repentance” manifests itself both in the pastor and the congregation, particularly in regards to the women I’ve connected with who have felt squashdicated in following their calls.

Goodness does.

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