Come Play!: Convergence @ Fox

You know how much fun it is when women get together: to engage in quality worship, to participate in relevant discussions, the share their journeys and listen to the journeys of other, and to eat yummy food?

It’s *SO* much fun!

This coming Saturday Northwest Emerging Women Leaders are hosting “Convergence @ Fox“:

Come and engage with other emerging women leaders as we explore our questions together! We will be sharing an afternoon of conversation and connection at the George Fox Seminary campus near Tigard, Oregon. As women shaping the church of the future, we desire to share our journey with others and actively engage the questions that our lives, experiences, and observations raise for us.

You may think: um, that’s two days away, and it’s too late. But it’s NOT! You can still register (and you can still show up Saturday, but food stuffs may not be as adequately planned for).

You may think: enh – that’s sounds too girly/touchy/feely. Actually, the resounding comments have been: “Wow: that’s was so NOT girly/touchy/feely.” I mean, you know me: I have yet to attend a Mother/Daughter tea with my mom (poor Mama: I’m sorry). I swear: we won’t make you wear pink or talk about the gloriousness of “managing the household” (although maybe I should attend an event with that emphasis, come to think of it :)).

You may think: eek – I don’t know you people, and that’s a little uncomfortable. Come. Get to know. These are the most amazing women who are actively seeking God’s will for them and their means to live that out.

Come play! Plus, the cutest little leprechaun will be there, and I’ll be bringing baked goods. Enough said.

3 thoughts on “Come Play!: Convergence @ Fox

  1. Robin M.

    I want to come and play “pass the baby” while seeking God’s will. I don’t mind talking about managing a household as long as I don’t have to say it’s glorious. But alas, I’m not going to make it to Tigard and back in time to have dinner with my in-laws.

    One of these days…

  2. Aj Post author

    Aw, come on Robin: my in-laws are in town, and I made it to Convergence. 😀

    And C. Wess: I wish you lived closer as well! And I don’t wish you were a girl, but I do wish you, as well as other supporting guy-folk, were present. I don’t think we always need to be only girls . . .

    I will blog about it when hands are free and the house is yowl-less. 🙂

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