I Like Jesus, but the Church? . . .

A couple months ago a wonderful friend and advocate got for me a great gift: an autographed copy of Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus, but Not the Church. And my wonderful advocate told him that I’m a writer (or at least doing a good job pretending to be one), and Dan actually knew that I had a blog. Totally made my day!

My experience of reading the book wasn’t mind blowing but rather, “this friend speaks my mind!” I greatly appreciated him detailing the stories of those who were willing to share experiences that honestly reflected modern churchdom. I became more aware of wanting to seek those folks out: the folks who dig Jesus but question the way the church is lived out.

So the other night as my Hubby and I are getting ready for bed, he mentioned that he needed a new book to read. Being his personal librarian, I wracked my sleep-deprived brain for a good recommendation, and Dan’s book came to mind. I don’t normally recommend my emerging-quaking-churching-books to Jason, not because he’s not into that, but he generally seems to appreciate hearing my rundown rather than reading it himself (and I appreciate hearing his rundown of the status of the Red Sox or the latest Mozilla creation rather than reading it myself). But he seems to be enjoying it, and it’s stimulating some conversation rather than “did you water the lawn” and “your turn to walk with the Yowler.” 🙂

Dan Kimball’s book is the being reviewed and discussed this month at Barclay Press. I’d highly suggest you tune in: should be some good conversation. Who knows: you may even hear from my hubby.

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