My Own Online Lending Library

This week I got busted: the library found out that I live out of district (that’s the last time I strike up casual conversation with the librarians about walking to the new bakery that’s in the other town). Today I anted up the out-of-district fee, which I had been planning to do when my library card was up for renewal, so now I can resume filling up my own personal hold shelf.

The wonderful world wide web contains a bunch of really cool online lending library options out there as well – some free, some costing a little bit. But many of the books I’m looking for aren’t listed (shocking: I know).

So, I thought I’d call upon those folks who might still check this blog from time to time (if anyone’s out there – is this thing on?).

Does anyone have:

Colossians Remixed

Contemplative Youth Ministry
Practicing Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church
Presence-Centered Youth Ministry

I’d be ever so grateful if you’d contribute to my lending library: keep the non-mama-parts of my brain alive and well.

And, in return, I can bake you something: cookies are good payment, yes? 😀

3 thoughts on “My Own Online Lending Library

  1. Keith

    I’ve got the Mike King book. Is it too late to bring it with me in October? Anything else you need from my book pile?

  2. Steve Fawver

    I know it is a bit late… but I have Contemplative Youth Ministry as well as Mark’s second book “Growing Souls”. Come grab them when you want…

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