Strong and Courageous . . . with a Runny Nose

This morning I was reading in the book of Joshua – you know, that old familiar feel-good story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan (during flood season, no less – ah, that overachiever God of ours) and beginning their invasion/occupation of the Promised Land. But have you ever noticed the next part? See, their in some serious enemy territory. The first city in front of them in Jericho, a border city that’s totally equipped to keep out invaders. And these Israelites aren’t exactly warriors: their former occupation was being oppressed as slaves in Egypt (well, at least that was their parents’ occupation – all the kiddos knew was wandering in the desert).

So: strange land. Not trained in battle. Big scary city in front of them. And what does God have them do?

Oh, that’s right: let’s remind the Israelites of that old covenant thing. You know, that “snip off part of your splinky” (a.k.a. circumcision) thing?

So: strange land. Not trained in battle. Big scary city looming. All the men of fighting age are completely incapacitated. One might wonder if God’s got a screw loose. Unless one is recognizes one’s position with God, and that is of utter dependence. God said that the land would be the Israelites; God said He would empower them to take the land; they believed God to the point of putting themselves in a place of utter exposure and vulnerability.

It’s almost as if God was saying, “Do you really believe me and what I said? Huh? Really? And truly?”

I feel like that a bit right now. Recouping from having a baby hasn’t been all that bad . . . until the past two days. Judah has a cold. Abel and I picked up that cold. Abel wants to nurse *all the time* – which I would much rather have than not. But that’s also created some other not-so-comfy effects for me. And it’s so hard when I’m tired and hurting to hear my littlest one having a hard time eating due to his stuffed up nose – let’s just say I’m not necessarily at my most emotionally-stable point right now.

Do I really believe that God is with me during this time? That He’s working to train and equip me to raise two boys? That everything He allows to come into my life is for my own good? That God will never leave me nor forsake me? It’s hard to believe sometimes when getting up for the fourth feeding of the night, or having one boy go down for a nap only to have the other one wake up. But, like Joshua, I really really really want to be “strong and courageous” and believe in those words.

I also really want to sleep for at least four consecutive hourse, but that will come with time, I hope. šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Strong and Courageous . . . with a Runny Nose

  1. Bethany

    Just to say I’m thinking of you tonight. Have you read the same book I read…that one where the author’s spiritual director said she could become spiritual after years in solitude and study, or she could do it the quick way by getting married and having kids? Sounds like you’re well on your way.
    I’m praying you find peace in the middle of your days and nights…even if you’re not getting any sleep.

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