The First Quaker Carnival

*Blog* Carnival, that is: somehow I don’t think they make grey beads to throw out at the parade.

Being a facilitator is good but tough work. It’s one of my favorite roles: hearing rumblings, making connections, providing space for a need, gathering resources, keeping an eye on the future while walking in the present.

A friend of mine is an excellent facilitator: his name is Martin. He is one of the first Quaker bloggers I found online; not only that, but his passions and concerns mirrored mine: the lack of young adults in meetings, the sadness of the divided state of Quakerdom, being a parent and a minister.

As blogging became a more familiar and used medium, Quaker bloggers popped up here and there. But the dialogue was cumbersome: good stuff was happening, but not everyone knew about it. And obviously these conversations were important and necessary: folks were saying the same thing over and over, but with their own flavor. How to connect?

Enter Martin, a faithful friend who is an excellent facilitator. He created QuakerQuaker – an aggregator of the best stuff out of Quaker blogs. When Quaker blogdom started to take on a life of its own, he recruited help (which I’m supposed to do but never have because [enter any number of excuses here]). Over time he’s tweaked with the technology, all to make it easier for Quakes of different walks and background to connect.

Does he get paid? No. Does he have too much to do? Yes. Is he a wonderful example of following a calling both to be an online presence as well as to be present with his young family? Yes.

I’ve greatly appreciated reading the different posts that pop up on my feed reader from QuakerQuaker. I love getting a taste of other flavors of Quakerism. I treasure the relationships and connections I’ve built with other Quaker bloggers. And I really really appreciate Martin: thanks for all that you do and all that you are, friend.

Check out the Blog Carnival: you never know – there may actually be dancing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The First Quaker Carnival

  1. Chris M.

    Don’t tell the elders about the dancing!! Good thing they don’t read blogs… do they?? 🙂

    Nice post, Aj! Thanks.

    — Chris M.

  2. Dave Woolsey

    Some types of eldes do read blogs. I knew that there would be a day when blogs would lead to dancing. What next?

    Dave Woolsey

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