So, What Did You Do Today?

Even in sophisticated circles where people ought to know better, those who have made staying home and raising children a priority are often made to feel that their lives are being wasted and that they could be doing “more significant things.” When I was a member of the sociology faculty at an Ivy League university, my wife and I were expected to attend get-togethers with my colleagues and their spouses. On more than one occasion someone would ask my wife in what appeared to me to be a condescending manner, “And what is it you do, my dear?”

My wife, who is one of the most articulate persons I know, found a perfect response for such occasions. In machine gun fashion, she would reply, “I am socializing two homo sapiens into the dominant values of the Judeo-Christian tradition so they might be transformers of the social order into the kind of eschatological utopia God willed for us from before the foundation of the earth.

Then she would smile and ask, “And what is it you do?”

And to those who don’t think mastering the art of sticking stickers all over one’s face is a dominant value of the Judeo-Christian tradition, we say:

Thank you, Peggy Campolo.

From Carpe Diem.

One thought on “So, What Did You Do Today?

  1. Robin M.

    I knew I liked that woman. I first thought I did when I read half of one of her husband’s books standing in the bookstore and he kept quoting her as holding my opinions. I like that too.

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