Converging Idealistically vs. Converging Realistically

So Convergence is coming up this weekend. I’m excited and want to get going! And I’m tired and want to crawl in bed! It’s hard being a hormonal female, isn’t it? 🙂

At times like these I always do battle with my idealistic dreams versus the realistic expectations. When dreaming about this gathering a couple of months ago, it sounded so easy and simple: provide space for women to gather and share. No speakers to schedule: our stories and passions will be the main topic. No conference center issues: just provide registration online and leave booking of rooms up to individuals.

But then came the questions. Which came faster than I can idealistically respond to. Somehow the demands of being a wife and mother of a whirling dervish, a.k.a. my toddler, and facilitating a bible study and dealing with the whole “ten weeks of holidays” (I swear it starts before Halloween) encroached in my time to calmly and rationally be proactive in helping plan the event.

And then came the details with registration: folks who couldn’t get the registration to work, folks who needed to cancel, funky technical issues, not being able to transfer money from the Paypal account to the real bank account (somehow virtual money doesn’t get you far in this world). Details: nitty gritty details. Not idealistic planning and dreaming and saying, “Make this happen” – but actually having to make it happen. That makes me all squirmy.

Just recently we found out about more details. In our initial talks with the hosts of the place where we are gathering, we figured out a (what we felt) very reasonable registration cost – trying to keep it as low as possible so that folks from all walks would be able to attend. But details: oh, details. Like additional costs for using equipment. Food prices fluctuating. The most recent: a lovely, not-previously-mentioned, decent-sized gratuity percentage tacked onto the food costs. Oy.

Everything’s still a go. But it’s tight: like having-finished-Thanksgiving-dinner-and-forgetting-to-wear-your-stretchy-pants tight. In light of that, we’ve created a way for folks to make a donation online: even a small contribution would give us some more elastic, helping the facilitators focus more on the events of the weekend rather than the monetary elements.

I know once I get there and everything’s in full swing, I’ll really be digging it. I’m *really* excited for that time. Until then, you’ll find me in the stretch jeans isle, muttering things about gratuity might be given more gratefully if known about ahead of time and does this *really* fall under the whole “God loves a cheerful giver” umbrella? . . . 🙂

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