Last February I was lucky enough to get to participate in the Emergent Theological Conversation on the East Coast. During that time I connected with a number of fantastic women who had some amazing stories to tell: stories that were exciting (about how God was moving in their community) and stories that were, frankly, sad (about how people were not supportive of their compassions and callings). But it was a quick conference, with little time to figure out where to go from there – how are we called to support each other as women in ministry?

I connected with a few women from my area, and we’ve been meeting regularly to plan a space, a space to Converge – with our stories, our journeys, our leadings, our art, our talent, our dreams, our worship. And so January 26th-28th a group of women will be gathering at Edgefield Manor in Troutdale, OR to do just that. It’s called Convergence because we hope that the women will bring elements of their selves to the time, rather than simply consuming a message from a speaker. (And, no, Convergent Quakers, I had nothing to do with the name, although I did giggle a lot when it was decided upon).

You wanna come? I’m going: you know you wanna. It’s affordable; it’s at a supercool location; it’s with rockin’ women; it’s time and space to converse and reflect – sweet!
Some folks might say, “But I’m not a member of an emerging church!” Well, neither am I. But some of the ways I feel called towards moving in ministry don’t necessarily fit into the typical traditional church box.

Others might say, “But I’m not a leader!” Enh: I don’t buy that. We all lead in our own spheres of influence, and no matter if it’s on a national level or a superduper local level, it’s leading all the same. It might not look like a pastor/teacher, but you know what? There’s a couple of other job descriptions that the Bible lists out, and leading is going to look different in each realm.
And then there’s the “But I don’t have anything to offer!” Have you lived life? Do you have a life story to tell? Do you interact with people? Do you want to worship God in your current place in life? Do you want to follow Christ? You have something to offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. Or better yet, just register, and then we can chat sometime. You know you wanna. 🙂

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