A Time to Gather & A Place to Share

This past weekend Northwest Yearly Meeting had their first ever all-board retreat. At our annual sessions it was approved to create new boards and start from scratch with board members: a massive undertaking. This weekend was the first time for us to gather together, to look at the purpose and vision of our board, and to dream of how we’ll work together (both individually within our board and collectively with other boards and the Yearly Meeting as a whole). Sounds like oodles of fun, eh? Well, when you spend your time scouting out the best deal on mandarin oranges and wondering what in the world your child ate that could make his poo smell oh so foul, the idea of meetings with adults doesn’t seem all that bad.

The best part? Connecting with the individuals who were present. So many seeking spirits, so many dedicated individuals, so many folks saying, “I’m not quite sure how I’m called, but I’m here none the less!” The themes I heard through the weekend:

  • questioning: but a questioning that involves trust and faith rather than doubt
  • excitement: “leaning into the harness, raring to go”
  • doubt: does moving “bits and pieces” really make a difference if the people of the Yearly Meeting aren’t living out Christ’s call to “Go! Feed my sheep!” in their everyday lives?
  • isolation/loneliness: an ache to connect with others who are questing and questioning as well
  • hope: when the people of God are gathered together, something is bound to happen

I chatted with a number of folks about a variety of resources I’ve found helpful in my own personal journey: very random in nature, but I figured I’d throw it up in one solitary post a) because I’m lazy, and 2) because it’s almost dinnertime and I’m hungry. 🙂

Labyrinths: an interview with Jonny Baker of Alternativeworship.org

Women leader resources: Convergence, a gathering of Northwest emerging women leaders in January

Random helpful books: Emerging Churches, Emerging Worship, The Shaping of Things to Come, Exiles, The Present Future, The Secret Message of Jesus (especially the last chapter “Plotting Goodness”), Cultivating a Life for God

Some worship gatherings that seem to “get it”: Evergreen (check out the pastor’s blog: good stuff, especially on community), Church of the Apostles (Seattle), Jacob’s Well, Solomon’s Porch, Vineyard Boise

This is SO not definitive. And yes, it’s relying heavily on “emerging” sources: but that’s where I’ve found folks who are actively asking, seeking, and knocking. Hope it’s enough to get you started. What are some books/websites/gatherings/resources that have really shaped your current lifeview and challenged you to keep questing for those “Oh, there you are, God!” moments? Keep the ideas flowing!

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