A Chance to Listen

My husband’s computer is silent.¬† Truly.¬† He has one of those teeny tiny new Macs that makes little to no noise what so ever.¬† This was a grand change from his previous Box of Whirling Computer Guts that I’m sure the next door neighbors could here:¬† “Wow, the Schwanzi are going to bed late tonight!”¬† The thing is . . . it’s a bit eerie.¬† In a life that’s full of noises –

  • the next door neighbor turning on his 1970’s truck to go to work which sounds like a mother coming into a room to find her supposedly “sleeping” child has thrown his six stuffed animals, two throw blankets, quilt, pillow, and mattress onto the floor – i.e. heavy, soul-deep sigh
  • the click and then “this is NPR” at 7:03 a.m. and the subsequent blanket wrestling and then smack of hitting the snooze button
  • the buzzing of my neighbor as he flies his model airplanes at the park – it’s never a militant buzz:¬† his planes tend to bob about
  • the open and shut of the door to signal someone has woken up, and then the opening and shutting of cupboards and closets and fridges that are supposed to be meant to be used by folks taller than four feet, but someone believes he is four feet in spirit
  • the thumping of a tail that whomps on my foot as well as the thumping of a ball that is flicked in my direction in¬† mopey attempt to show how pathetic and lonely the canines are in our household
  • the “don’t forget to pick up your change located beneath the receipt printer.¬† remember to take your bags and your receipt.¬† thank you for shopping at fred meyer!” and “deeeese!¬† deeeese!¬† deeeeeese!” as I load the grocery bags into my shopping cart while keeping them away from the cheese monster
  • a lot of “no”s and “not for judah”s and “get out of the fridge” and “bobbobbobbob can be watched later” and “where’s your belly?” and “yay:¬† that’s your tongue!” and “can you say ‘green’?” and “do you want string cheese or cottage cheese?” and “you pooped again?!!” and every once in a while, “where’s judah?” and then the frantic noise of running around to find out how much gum he’s managed to pull out of my desk and shove in his mouth all at once

There’s just not a lot of silence in my life.¬† That’s why a quiet computer is a bit strange – it’s not requesting or demanding anything, it’s not making it’s opinion known.¬† Jason’s last computer ran too hot, and so it let us know by having the noisiest fan possible in computerkind.¬† But this computer is quiet – simple – content.¬† I can actually listen when I’m working on the computer:¬† I’m not numbed out by the humming and the senseless white noise.

I need more listening time in my life:¬† time when I sit and am intentional about listening – to myself, to others, to Christ.¬† If it’s not a planned thing, it’s not going to happen.¬† So when I got my third request to be part of a Listening Life group this year, I finally heard God through the noise:¬† “Please.¬† Come.¬† Listen.”

So, Aaron & Jolene Brown and Jason & I are going to be part of a Listening Life group.¬† We don’t have a leader: we’re thinking about passing leadership around.¬† We have young kids, so we’ll be meeting earlier than later in the evening (and we’ll be figuring out childcare together).¬† We have a heart to listen and to connect with folks of any age and walk of life.¬† It looks like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights work best, and we may be meeting weekly or bi-weekly.

And we want to listen with more folks!¬† Have you been interested in being more intentional about listening to Christ in your life?¬† Do you want to set aside a time where you get to do that?¬† Are you looking to explore calling and direction, both in life and in ministry?¬† Do you think it might be outside of the box?¬† Are you looking for Christ in community, or just intentional community in general?¬† Let me or Jolene know:¬† we’d love to explore journeying with you.

My ears are picking up on a call to go “did-die!” (a.k.a. outside).¬† Some directions are easier to hear in life than others.¬† πŸ™‚

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