Standing Before the Frustration Door: How Will We Enter?

“Frustration is a catalyst for release. The very thing you are frustrated about is the thing you get to release. Do it privately first and publicly second. Frustration is always about increasing or level of intercession. You need to come into the Throne Room and start interceding for the very thing you are frustrated about. If you are feeling it (frustration is a message from God), then it is your responsibility to pray about it. Frustration then is about an open door.” – Graham Cooke

Our Yearly Meeting Sessions are coming up. Words I often hear associated with it: community, gathering, exciting, frustrating. This session could be particularly challenging as we’re looking at restructuring the organization: boards, reps, etc. I would dare say that Quakes don’t tend to deal with change well (and we usually don’t have to change; one person will voice their concern, and due to conflicting interpretations of the process of consensus, the whole motion comes to a screeching halt): this could be a tricky time.

“Churches (Yearly Meetings) go through pruning times as well. There are times it has to lay all its programs on the altar and ask God, ‘Are you still okay with all of this?’ Frustration makes us desperate to do this properly — to prepare ourselves well. And when you hear from the Lord what He wants to release, then you need to start praying that response. Then you need to ask the Lord to help you with your planning: how do we prepare the way of the Lord right now?” – G.C.

While the gathering begins tomorrow, it’s never too late to start interceeding regarding your frustrations: special treat, eh? 🙂

Using a favorite prayer of Saint Anne, “Help me (us) help me (us)” and “Please please please.”

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