You Mean You’re a Real Person?

It’s afternoon-time: my little Mover & Shaker is down for a nap, and while I’d like to avoid working on my Yearly Meeting workshops by reading a Fluff Book or watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Desperate Housewives, I couldn’t handle the restless tension anymore – must. sit. think. write. prepare. (underlying motivation: must. not. look. like. boob. when. facilitating. workshop.).

And while I feel somewhat saturated with thoughts and experiences, of both mine and others, the white canvas of NeoOffice seemed very threatening and overwhelming. Sometimes I just need a little distraction, so while compiling notecards (just like my 11A teacher taught me to do when working on a project: she’d be so proud: I’m such an English geek), I listened to an Emergent podcast of Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt (who has a few blogs: what is it my dad says? Gross excess is only half enough? 🙂 ) sitting at Chipotle talking about Emergent ‘stuff’. I’m not so surprised about the location: I mean, how can one talk about our response to God’s callings in present day culture without a quality amount of guac present? 🙂

At two points Tony and Doug talk about their experience as authors: as folks receive the writings, many have looked beyond the words to the authors, somewhat ‘dehumanizing’ them to be a concept or an idea rather than a person. It reminded me of my weekend.

This weekend I had the chance to meet some a) fellow Quakers and 2) fellow bloggers. A little over a year ago I began a ‘real blog’ – a place to share non-Mama thoughts (or at least not go into the graphic details of how much my infant son yarfed that day) and to connect with other Quakers. And honestly, at that time, I was thinking solely of Christ-centered, evangelical Quakers: you know, people just like me!

And I did connect with people like me, but they didn’t look how I expected. In fact, the folks I’ve engaged in the best discussions with on how to respond to the calling of the Spirit have been folks coming from non-evangelical Quaker backgrounds. It’s so easy to group people: folks from FGC are like this, folks from EFI are like this. And yet, that’s so truly dehumanizing. Only when we come into true relationship and conversation with each other can we see each other as God intended: God’s blessed creations.

So thanks, convergent f/Friends for sharing of yourselves. I’m so glad to have met *you*: not an idea or a thought or a generalization of you, but the real you. Blessings to you all in the continued journey.

Ps. Gregg, while you blogged your picture sooner than I did, Jason had this one up on Flickr that evening. I think I win: you decide the prize (one year without being called out during service? A Judah-free night? Sugar-free Moose Tracks ice cream? All-expenses paid trip to the next ETC? I’m easy). 😀

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