I’d Like to Hear From You

I’ve maintained this blog for almost a year now. I discovered blogging as a new mama trapped mostly at home: when I couldn’t leave the townhouse due to napping or feeding schedules, I could still connect with the “outside world” via these personal weblogs – total blessing.

At the same time I was struggling with the question of “where have all the young adults gone?” in regards to participation in my worship gathering. My friends and I seemed to have a real experience of Christ in high school, and yet we all faded away come college and entrance into young adulthood. I was recruited to facilitate a workshop at our Yearly Meeting (Annual Conference) regarding The Missing Generation. In preparing, folks pointed me in the direction of postmodernism and the emerging church. But as I threw my questions and experiences out into the grand blogosphere, God opened an unexpected door into connecting with those in my tradition (Quakers) from different branches.

As I said, it’s almost been a year which means that Yearly Meeting is coming up. The workshop last year was a great time of questioning and conversing, and I’ve been asked to facilitate two workshops this year to continue the conversation: one on Emerging and Young Adults, and the other on Quakerism and Young Adults (the titles are more snazzy than that, but I can’t remember them exactly – they’re that snazzy). My mind is saturated with experiences, questions, ways folks are living out good stuff, ways folks aren’t doing so hot, places young adults are, and opportunities to connect. But sometimes when one is *so* in something, it’s hard to know what would be the best stuff to tackle when we gather together.

SO: I’d like to hear from you. Really. I’m not kidding. I’m not asking out of politeness (which I could, having been raised in a proper Southern tradition). You: I wanna know.

  • Do these topics (young adults and emerging and/or Quakerism) sound relevant to your situation?
  • What assumptions do you have when you hear “young adults”? “Emerging”? “Quaker”?
  • Why would you attend such a gathering?
  • What would you hope to bring to this conversation?
  • What would you hope to take away?

A number of folks have told me, “I read your blog and wanted to leave a comment, but I don’t have anything to say.” I think you do. Others have told me, “I don’t have the time.” Call me – on your way to work or the store or while you’re walking the puppy. Some say, “I don’t feel comfortable sharing publically.” Email me: my contact info’s on the sidebar. I have been so blessed by connecting with you all: thank you for sharing with me.

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