Stopping Death is One Thing; Restarting Life is Another

Wednesday during Bible Study we spent time praying for countries where grave injustices are taking place.

Yes, this could be any country, but we focused more on places of known mass atrocities: Sudan, Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti, Thailand, Russia. My heart broke, as many other women’s heart did, at the thought of what life is like specifically for the women and children who seem to bear the brunt of these evils.

Today as I opened the paper to engage in my daily Sudoku-ing, I almost gasped at the front page Living story: Who stops genocide?

“Fifty years ago, one-third of our people were wiped out by genocide,” Gottfried says now. “We do what we can to remember, but that doesn’t mean that there have not been other times when this happened. We say, ‘Never again’ for us, but we need to say, ‘Never again for anybody in this world.’ “

“Most folks involved in this are not advocating a large military presence in Darfur,” Bryant says. “Many of us feel that it would be counterproductive for the United States to take the lead in getting a United Nations peacekeeping force. Personally, I think that to place American troops in a Muslim nation right now would send the wrong signal to the rest of the world. And it probably would not be well-received.”

What is still needed, what is going to be needed, is sustained attention,” he says. “Right now, there are 31/2 million people from Darfur who are dependent on international aid for their survival. We need for them to go home, to start their lives again, to start farming again, to rebuild their herds again. Stopping the death is one thing. Restarting life is another.”

I would be lying if I were to say I weren’t completely overwhelmed thinking about the world’s injustice – somewhat of a deer-in-the-headlights thing: paralyzed. What can I do to help stop death and restart life?

— Pray. Prayer makes a difference; how can one come into the presence of God and not be changed? And how else am I going to have a heart like Christ’s if I don’t listen and respond?

— Check out what’s going on. Be aware. Don’t stick my head in the sand.

— Read Scripture. I briefly glanced at a great-looking book: Good News About Injustice. The author said rather he gets overwhelmed and paralyzed when he has not read the Bible and remembered the promises that God gave us: that He is in control. God knows what’s going on; God weeps more than we possibly can over his loved ones in pain. But God still calls us to abide in God’s peace and joy.

What resources do you use? What ways has God called you to deal with pain and injustice in this world? It would greatly help me out if you could share: I seem to be lacking in knowledge and experience in this area, and I feel God’s call growing stronger by the day.

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