Red Light, Green Light, Good Light, Bad Light

Ah, different points of view are fun.

My friend and former fellow Balcony Person Cherice asks a good question this week:

I’ve been busy lately and we had some friends over the last few days so I’ve been neglecting blog-dom, and I don’t have time for a real post right now, but for the last few days I’ve been thinking about the Quaker concept of the Inner Light. Where did the phrase come from? What did it mean originally? What does it mean now? I’ll work on answering these questions later.

What a great idea: to explore, question, examine something that can be used so casually and unthoughtfully.

Elsewhere, someone does not question or explain from revelation/experience, but rather states what the Inner Light is.

Very different information, very different perspectives, very different presentations. One is very relational and engaging; one is very statement-oriented and persuasion-attempting. One comes out of experience with; one comes out of observation of.

So, good Light? Bad Light? What makes the difference?

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