Four Things

So this meme has been floating around for some time, and I’ve been feeling left out. But then my friend who plays online almost as much as me tagged me: and now I feel like part of the ‘cool kids.’ 🙂

Four Jobs Ive had:

  • Elevator operator girl (it was a short gig, running the elevator in EHS for a play night at Newberg High. It was Christmas time, so I brought a tape player and played Bing and Nat: I also dragged in a plant from the foyer for ambiance. I didn’t receive pay, but did receive thanks in the play program and a certificate stating that I was the top Elevator Operator Girl Ever)
  • High ropes course facilitator at Tilikum’s Challenge Course (it’s fun to hang kids, and mouthy NIKE employees, from trees)
  • Library assistant in circulation and young adult collection supervisor at Ada Community Library (Yes, sir, you do have a lost book on your record. No, sir, we did not forget to check it in. Yes, sir, we did check the shelves. No, sir, someone did not break into the book return to steal the 1976 Ford Chilton’s car manual. Yes, sir, I do have a college degree and am not stupid.)
  • Youth Intern at NWYM (which included counseling camps, running Junior High Yearly Meeting, being gopher girl at camps, carrying tiki torches in my car, calling in all my favors with all my friends to pleasebeacounselorforthisweeki’llsooweyou!, running my friend Sheila in from the coast to Beaverton after she sliced a couple inches of flesh out of knee after tripping and falling on a log, and sleeping pretty much never)

Four movies I could watch over and over:

  • Grosse Pointe Blanke (“My home is an Ultimart! I can never go home, Oatman, but I guess I can shop there.”)
  • Reality Bites (“‘Quick, Vic, what’s your Social Security number?’ ‘851-259-357’ ‘Very impressive.’ ‘It’s the only thing I truly learned in college.'”)
  • Mary Poppins (“Close your mouth please, Michael, we are not a cod fish.”)
  • Dude, Where’s My Car? (“‘And then?’ ‘I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games!'”)

Four books I have read over and over:

Four places Ive lived:

Four places Ive vacationed:

Four tv shows I love:

Four favorite dishes:

Four websites I visit daily:

Four places Id rather be right now:

  • Asleep in a big bed without my cat (who had a bad night of sleep last night? hmmmm)
  • On the beach at the Cook Islands with wireless, my computer, my hubby, and my bebe
  • Sitting outside Cafe Ole on a summer Alive After Five Wednesday
  • Where’s U2 right now?

(Bobs addition) Four things that make me warmly happy:

  • The blanket my mama just made for me
  • Hearing people talk about how smiley Judah is
  • Thinking about when I told my brother graphic details of pregnancy (like the words “dilate” and “plug” among other things – HA!)
  • Remembering the first night Judah was born, with both my boys breathing deeply while sleeping and me too tired and happy to sleep


  • Mauri & Sherry (this is my way of blog-outing them 🙂 )
  • Jimmy Barnhill (cause Gregg somehow missed tagging one of the the Funniest Person on the Earth)
  • Doug Pagitt (cause I’m sure he has nothing else to do and certainly remembers me 🙂 )
  • Amy – my fellow work widow – (can you feel the boys’ eyeballs rolling? 🙂 )

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