Ruminations from a Night on the Porch

Some folks may be wondering why we stopped over in Minnesota before heading to Connecticut: for the guacamole, of course. 😉 Actually, it was to visit two of Greggís friends from seminary, and to worship at Solomonís Porch.

I didnít know much about Carla or Jimmy, other than Greggís statement of: ìThey are two of the funniest people I know, and then they went and got married.î Thatís gotta be good stuff. Darling kids. Makers of yummy soup. Owners of a really cool house (with a KILLER bathroom – carpet/ginormous tub and shower/metallic wallpaper/phone hook-ups – it would make a Palm Springs Jewish real estate seller cry for joy). Arguers through use of showtunes. Seriously: hilarious.

I also didnít know much about Solomonís Porch. I realized with this whole postmodern non-location descript thing going on that I havenít the slightest idea what gathering is where in relation to who: Mars Hill – West Coast or East Coast? Are we going to have to create gang signs?

But now I know stuff: and I got to experience it: and it was good. Worship, dinner, and conversation led to some thoughts/ideas/questions/ramblings.

ìThoughts briefly articulated driving home four hours before we needed to leave for the airport – 5:45 flight, and Gregg ìaccidentallyî got a MN hotel thirty minutes from the airport. [He seems not to have blogged about that. :)]

  • ìYou canít change the structure/intent of a church and expect the congregational demographics to remain the same: the old leave, and the new come. Thatís not transition; thatís deconstruction/takeover.
  • ìIíve heard it said that Solomonís Porch claims to have a lack-of-structure in regards to the worship gathering: thatís itís more of a fluid interaction that changes from week to week. It has structure: it just doesnít look traditional. Knowing when to speak, when to sing, when to take communion: the folks seemed to know ìwhatís next.î Thatís not bad: thatís the nature of living beings. God organized our cells into structures to give us bodies; itís what we do with the structure (make an idol out of it versus using it to encounter God) that can be the problem.
  • ìNewberg Friends isnít called to take the form of an alternative-worship emerging church. Weíre called to release/receive/respond to the Holy Spirit, and depending on what that looks like, the form might look emerging. But the truths behind the form should be the same if weíre all in right relationship/hearing from the Spirit.
  • ìAn American can move to France, but theyíll never be as truly French as if it were their place of origin: they simply adopt traits. What/how can I adopt from other movements/conversations while appreciating my Quaker place of origin, and what can other movements adopt from my Quaker experience?

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