ETC Journal Excerpts: Travel 02.06.06

Iím going to write subject-driven posts at some point, but for now I thought Iíd share some of my ìold fashioned notes.î Notes I add will be posted in [brackets].

ìHappy Birthday to Kathy! We didnít even know – Steve barely remembered. Boy, weíre good. :s

ìYesterday was fun. Frontier ROCKS – free TV on SuperBowl Sunday, empty seats. The flight to Minnesotawasnít as fun, but sitting in the front row is great! [We each had our own tv sets: I got to watch the Food Network at heights I didnít know were possible! Though we landed when Paula Deenís Supper Bowl just got started: sadness.]

ìOkay hotel: good Mexican restaurant. Weíre stayiní cheap.

ìSolomonís Porch was interesting: couches, people talking and eating all over, Doug in the middle, remodeled church (first night in the new building), thought provoking pictures, ritual of sayings without calling it ritual, communion, kids *everywhere.*

ìWe had dinner with Greggís friends, Carla and Jimmy Barnhill. Their house is old and cool. Jimmy thinks a LOT – life should be intentional, have meaning. Carla rocks – funny, mouthy, honest. She writes and edits – Iím so jealous.

ìDoug Pagitt and his family came over for dinner: he was so nice. I never felt stupid: he seems to respect folks and not try to make them like him. He kept trying to get me to eat his food – apparently itís like nothing Iíd ever eaten.

ìToday has hurt. Two and a half hours of sleep at night. Cramped and crabby American flights. Taking away my bag (I donít want to check: Iím stubborn). [I had to gate check due to the smallness of the plane.] Hour long drive to hotel. Crappy hotel with bad heat and non-sealed door. But I watched my very first episode of Knight Rider ever.

ìWeíre meeting in three hours to grab food, go to the opening reception, and go to the eveningís first event. Everyone is sleeping, but I canít: boo.

ìI miss my baby and Hubby . . . ì

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