I’ve Got the Pow-ah!

Many of us have control issues: I can say that, because I am one of those many people (don’t try to hide: I know where you go to organize your DVDs by genre and then by title or organize your sock drawer by thickness and then color). That’s one of my problems with God: I believe I could do God’s job, and better. If God will tell me where to go – what my end destination or goal is -, I’ll just get myself there. And I’ll decide when to do it, how, and who I’ll take with me.

After 28 years, I’m catching onto a glimmer that this *might* not be the way things work.

So since this Superiority Complex does not function well in reality, why not take it to a virtual reality? God bless the American creative spirit:

Mega Church Simulation Game

Imagine if you could create the church you wanted, any way you wanted.

Put together a worship service exactly the way YOU want: hymns, no hymns, drums, no drums. Are you from Wisconsin, start Polka Mass! Start a building campaign, ask for donations.

One of my favorite “options”:

Choose a denomination (Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal plus many more obscure factions and a brand new emergent plug-in)


Oh, the havoc I could wreak: making people do my . . . I mean “God’s” will the way I . . . uh . . . “God” wants them to.


I wonder for cheap therapy’s sake if we should require all pastoral offices to have a set of blocks and a bunch of peoples: I think it could do all of us a world of good for them to do some “role/God playing.”

Then again . . . if things aren’t so “peachy” at your church, maybe not. As a kid, my dad used to bury his plastic soldiers if they were “killed” in battle*; depending on the current church climate, those peoples could disappear right fast! 🙂 Maybe therapy is cheaper . . .

*My dad buried them because the toys were “dead.” My brother and I have tried to reason with him that they were plastic. To which he responded: “Yes. *Dead* plastic.” It never works to try and reason with a only-child chemical engineer.

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