Pandora: Open the box – I promise it won’t hurt

Okay, so the gauntlet has been thrown: the door has been opened, and thereís no going back. Someone *actually* asked me to talk about U2 – I didnít have to hint or subtly bring up topics involving ìIreland,î ìboys born around 1960,î or ìbass players who live in a castle that overlooks the school that they got kicked out of and who I intended to marry since high school because I was going to use his money to save Africa and in turn be a fantastic hostess and back stage manager so as to earn him more money so I could continue to spend it.î But Iím too busy to get into it: plus, the post is simmering – patience, grasshoppah (and the grasshoppah would be me: this is nothing to be rushed).

So instead I will tell you something I enjoyed engaging in most of the day. I was sitting [trapped: send for help! please!] at my computer, working on an editing project. No, that was not necessarily enjoyable, although there is something comforting about taking a formless document and creating bulleted and numbered lists: ah, cathartic.

BUT what I DID enjoy was this: Pandora. I read a fantastic blog called TechCrunch that talks about all the up and coming cool stuff happening on the web. Many times the items that are reviewed are in alpha or beta, so you have to get an invitation to participate. Iím SO an invitation junkie.

Michael Arrington reviewed a music product called Pandora: said itíd rock the way folks listen to music. So I sent for an invite. And I got one. And I was happy. But then Pandora said they were no longer going to be free. And I was sad. And then they recanted. And I was happy once again.

Pandora does this tricky thing: you can input a specific song, it somehow analyzes it, and then finds other songs that contain those same elements. For instance: I entered the song ìFeel Good INCî by Gorillaz. On that station Iíve heard Moody Blues, Jason Mraz, Backstreet Boys (and sorry: thatís not a problem for me), David Bowie, and Depeche Mode – LOTS of Depeche Mode. Itís been great! Iíve heard stuff by folks that I have know clue who they are, but I want to listen to more of their stuff.

You can share your station with others, let the folks know if the songs mesh with what you were looking for, and fast-forward and rewind. But the coolest thing: I have a Bing Crosby station — OUTSTANDING!

So see how cool it is to ask for an invite to something, even if you donít know what it is. I was particularly proud of myself because a friend asked Jason if I knew about it: Jason said no, but I informed him that I had been listening for months. I may be a stay-at-home mom, but Iím an internet-power-exec!

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