Is It a Generational or An Everybody Thing?

Oh, goodness, how I’m letting dust settle on my blog. My writing efforts have had to be laid aside for a bit due to relocation events: yes, my little family purchased a house and moved two miles outside of the ‘berg to “snooty wine country” (a.k.a. Dundee). Boxes abound, an eleven-month old finds a wealth of things he shouldn’t get into, and somehow my time is occupied with things other than blogging.

A friend sent me an email:

Greetings. Just a quick question, or in honesty your response to a premise. I suspect that most of the reasons the “missing generation” is indeed missing from organized religion are the same reasons the masses aren’t interested in church. Any thoughts?

I have some thoughts, but they’re packed away with my missing salad bowl. I thought that calling on the collective wisdom of my readers would provide a much more deep, varied, and probably coherant response.

So, what’s your take? Is it a generational thing? An “everybody got their somethin'” thang? Bueller? Bueller?