Bah Gahbunga!

Man, it’s hard to walk the fine line of “appropriate” community interaction and bonding. Much of our society is independent – nuclear – solitary: not wanting to commit to the time, effort, and self-sacrifice it takes to be part of a community.

And then there’s this: Gahbunga, a new site that allows you to take a picture of a person with your cell phone and send it to your online community to rate whether someone is “hot or not”. Because Lord knows that a) physical attributes are a *definite* determination of whether someone is “worthwhile” or not, and 2) you should never act without the superficial input of your community.

I’ve played stupid games like that before: the “your team” game (if you see an “interesting” looking person, you lean over to your friend and tell them that the unfortunate soul is on your friend’s “team”. The goal is to fill your friend’s team with all sort of unlucky folks). Except we didn’t invest hours and dollars into it – just some laughs.

Bleck. When has “community building” gone too far?