Christmas Cookie *MADNESS*

In honor of the tide being Yule-ish, I believe it would be helpful and prudent to post some quick yummy recipes for those “drop-in” situations. Because I like doing things fast, these saving graces will be of a baked-and-small-and-circular in nature.

Here are some recipes that are sure to please:

Ginger Cookies

Peanut Butter
In my family, the peanut butter is not to be ignored.


  • For a shortbread-ish type cookie: Holiday Snowball Cookies from No soda or powder to worry with – just a real simple cookie. Use chocolate chips if you don’t have the shapes, or try using a mix of mint and chocolate chips. Tasty.
  • For a quick treat that’s salty and sweet: Candy-KISSed Twists from Hershey’s. It’s the efficient/lazy person’s chocolate-dipped pretzel. SO EASY. Use plain M&M’s with flavored kisses, or use plain kisses with peanut-butter M&M’s, or for a whole new take – rolos and pecans.
  • Cookie Specials
    Many sites are highlighting some quality cookie recipes for this time of year. Check out:

    So, there’s my Christmas present to you. Now, go: make people happy and chubby. If anyone needs to work off the pounds, I have a toddler I’ll gladly donate for you to chase.

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