The Higher, the Fewer


The above statement came from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Worf’s son and Troi’s mom were enjoying a holodeck program with rather odd characters: two of them fought all the time, and another simply said random, meaningless phrases such as “the higher, the fewer.” Troi’s mom commented, “Well, that’s a conversation stopper if I ever heard one.” Worf’s son promptly took off, said it to the arguing pair, and it worked: their bickering ceased.

I’ve often used this to end emails, sign off on letters – because what’s there to say after that? However, with this website, I hope not to stop, but to *begin*:

  • talking about things that *really* matter in life – spirituality, everyday nitty gritty stuff
  • highlighting articles, books, websites, resources: be a librarian for my specialties and interests
  • posting articles and writings I’m working on: short stories, theological babblings, devotional materials
  • offering my experiences, help, thoughts in any way possible: be it around missional/incarnational living, attracting young adults to your worship gathering, writing in your everyday existence, creating space to encounter and follow the Spirit’s direction
  • connecting people and resources together: why do stuff alone when we can do it together?

So please, look at – critique – add to – comment on – contribute to – scour – enjoy my website. I look forward to connecting with you!