You Might Be a Quake If . . .

There’s been an *overwhelming* response to the post “You Might Be Emerging If . . .“, and I thought it was time for the Quakes to represent. See, one day a while ago, we were pretty hip; and in fact, some still are. But there’s been splits and mergers and now the name “Quaker” is attached to a number of things, such as:

Quaker Oats

Steak and Lube

and the larger edible grouping of
Quaker cereals

We’re insured!
Quaker insurance

You *know* this had to be a rockin’ place:
Quaker School

Quakers aren’t limited to those who walk about on two feet:
Quaker parrot

Quaker bug

Quaker Horse

Quaker Flower

Quaker dog

Apparently we protest the war in Iraq
Quaker Peace

and also process the oil we’re fighting over
Quaker State

Apparently Santa wants to be a Quaker
Santa Quaker Oats

Most folks think we don’t partake of the “fleshly pleasures”, but there seems to be a difference of opinion out there:
Quaker's Wife song

Quaker Cigar

We seem to be in the business of home goods:
Quaker honey dippers

Quaker Windows and Doors

Quaker Quilt

Sometimes we look very stoic
George Fox

Do they look hopeful to you?
New Hope Friends Church

And sometimes a little doofy
Quaker mascot

Quaker large guy

We may meet in a building that looks like this
Meeting House

Or this
Wabash Friends Church

Or not in a building at all
Quaker outdoors

We’re crafty
Quaker tapestry

Quaker needlepoint

Quaker Needlework

Who says Quakers have no sense of humor?
Quaker humor

You know we’re a hit at any party – we’ve got our own board game!
Quaker board game

We’ve dabbled in the realm of questionable literature – this cover screams harlequin romance
Quaker book

And a potential murder mystery – shocking!
Quaker mystery book

Canadians love us (or they love banana muffin mix . . . )
Quaker Muffin Mix

Sometimes Quakers seem behind the times, but we still feel a need for speed
Quaker City Raceway

We’re child-friendly, too (although we haven’t learned yet that cookies are a sometimes food)
Quaker Crackles doll

We have
Quaker story

Be careful: we come in all shapes and sizes – you may never know when one of us is sneaking up on you:
Quaker Witness

Quaker Ranter

Quaker grandmother

Quaker Studies Class

Barundi Quaker


Protesting Quakes

Quaker gathering

Quaker folks


This one’s especially fiesty

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