Celebrate Good Time, C’mon

Sometimes I need some encouragement to celebrate. My mother-addlepated mind is already full, and the idea of adding *one* *more* *thing* makes me understand why many folks drink through the holiday season. But in bible study we spent the teaching time sharing with each other about what we do to make the season meaningful. Everything from eating the same food every Christmas Eve (hey Mom: Heidiís family does fondue then, too!) to attending certain music programs to hiding nativity set pieces and moving them closer to the barn daily representing the migratory element of the Christmas story (how fun!). Sometimes it seems like a bit much: many moms admitted to being Advent Junkies. But one woman spoke up, saying itís important to have enough traditions to make it special – to makes folks *want* to come celebrate as a family – to celebrate in such a way that kids would feel like they were missing out on something if they were there.

I never thought I was very sentimental about stuff like that. But then as I was unwrapping ornaments last night that were wrapped in paper towels from around 1985, I realized I have my own quirks (see, I wouldnít let my folks throw those paper towels away: theyís *so* soft, and they are what my ornaments *must* be wrapped in. I always leave a piece of candy in my stocking to remind me what I got during thet previous year (apparently last year was sugar-free Brach peppermints). And every Christmas Eve we attend the candlelight service at NFC which to me is a true celebration: *everyone* is there – friends back in the area to visit their parents, neighbors who donít frequent the church during the year, all the folks who play music stuff. And then we fondue and open presents.

Itís a bit tricky now that Iím married: my ìmust doísî have to mesh with my husbandís ìmust-doísî. And, most importantly, we need to make ìmust doísî of our own as a family.

How do you celebrate the holiday season? What do you find meaningful?

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