Red Sweater Club

Today at church a new group was present – the Red Sweater Club. Itís not an organized club by any means, but there must be some sort of subliminal organization to it, because as I looked around to my part of the sanctuary (I can see less than half the folks in attendance), I counted over thirty people wearing Red Sweaters or Sweatshirts or Shirts or Scarves . . . or all of the above.

One of those folks, looking absolutely glowing in her crimson garment, was my friend Marta who spoke about our theme for this week of Advent: peace. Marta is one of the most eloquent, well-spoken, truly beautiful people I know. She jokes that sheís the least-qualified person to speak on the subject of peace, but let me tell ya: it just oozes out of her pores, even if she believes sheís flustered.

Hereís what she had to say. Thanks for sharing, Red Sweater Friend.


I’m not the only one who noticed the beauty of Marta’s words . . . and the thematic attire of the day.

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