So Iíve been having weird dreams lately (well, when are dreams *not* weird? That in itself would be odd). Two nights ago I dreamed about having a tea party with Shirley McLaine and the wife of the president at my hubbyís place of employment. Last night I dreamt that my friend Erinnís daughter had a tendency to wander around town without shoes on – just walking up and down the street. I walked her back to the church where it was Wednesday arts and crafts night, and the George Fox campus pastor was teaching the father of the previous campus pastor how to make a new kind of apple pie.

But then today I had a sort of waking dream – not so much a dream, but a progression of thoughts and images that I donít think I constructed. I was getting ready this morning and thinking about Paris Hilton – I have no idea why. My mom was taking care of the Little One who was yowly, so I was throwing myself together to get back into MomDuty. I thought about how it would stink to always be in the media eye, to need to look together all the time, for your livelihood to depend so much on that.

And then I started to get a little bitter and resentful, thinking about all the money she has and, in my opinion, wastes on selfish whims. I thought about how hard it would be to minister to folks in Hollywood, to be placed by the call of God to speak His love into their lives ń and not to get sucked in to their materialism. Talk about needing to be in the presence of God *every* *single* *second*. How do you live around that much STUFF and not sell out to it?

And then there was a tweaking to my thinking, a sort of change Iíve experienced only from a certain Loving Being who shifts my initial judgements onto magnifying glass on my own life. I donít think of myself as rich by any means, but Iím sure folks in other countries would. And every day I have bountiful opportunities to spend my time/energy/resources/love on myself . . . or I can spend time practicing the presence and see what God has in store for me. I read somewhere about an American woman talking with a woman from the Middle East and asking how she dealt with having fewer freedoms (what the American woman saw as oppression); the Middle Eastern woman said she and her peers were so thankful for the opportunities they did have, and the lack of pressure in having to deal with such freedom that we have – they knew their place and found freedom in that, and they felt sorry for American woman – wondering how they could be faithful to their roles in life without selling out to things they shouldnít.

Interesting, random thoughts for a Sunday morning.

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