Hope y’all had a buy college essays Happy TurkeyDay, full of quality community and hearty food and time to soak in God’s abundant blessings (unless you’re in a dry place, and then I hope basked in God’s warming sun).

Speaking of wet and dry places, abundance and barrenness, manifestation and hiding – have you thought about your spiritual journey lately? My small group has reached a point of contemplating, describing, and sharing our spiritual journeys. I’ve done this before: from high school camps to dorm floor bonding times to other small group experiences, a critical element in being transparent with each other is sharing where you’ve been – helps out with the whole “where are you going?” element.

What’s your favorite way to share? I know there’s different ways to do it – drawing a map, bringing in favorite pictures or books or other important items. . . . How do you contintually share your story, your lifewalk with God, without it sounding boring or trite?

What’s been something important to you in sharing your journey? Where’s God walking with you now?

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